Not happy with this company. I don't believe any of our deliveries have been on time. I contacted the company online to find out that my items haven't been shipped and it's been 7 working days and I paid the extra $1.99 to have my items pulled the same day and shipped on that day. I asked to talk to a manager and the customer rep said she was as high up as I could go, but that I could call. After the online conversation I called and the only person working and helping people was ONE person. No other customer service reps or managers on duty. This must be a small time company.

I asked the sales rep, Damaris, if they would ship it overnight and she said no, 3 day shipping is the best they could do. Wow... 3 days is the best this small company can do.

I'm with a large franchise, Alphagraphics, and we don't do business like this. We bend over backwards to please our customers. It's unfortunate this company doesn't.

Monetary Loss: $330.

  • inkjet
  • damaris
  • large format printer
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